Thank you for your interest in the Jefferson County CASA program. There are many ways you can help us better serve the foster child population of Jefferson County, MO.

Sometimes the most helpful thing anyone can do is to simply spread the word. We are an organization in our infancy with hopes of expanding to help more and more children. We can only do that if people start to learn about us. So come out to one of our events and say hello! Tell all of your friends who we are. To see what events we have coming up, follow this link. 

There are currently over 600 foster children in Jefferson County. After a training period, each CASA volunteer is assigned a case of either a single child or a small sibling group. The volunteer's duty is to get to know the ins-and-outs of the case so that they can advocate for the best interests of the children during any proceedings they may face. Although working with children who have not only been removed from their homes but have also been abused or neglected can be challenging, it is ultimately rewarding for both volunteer and child. For more information on how you can become a hero, follow this link.